Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Time Warp

The following post was written by me more than six years ago. I recently opened some material on my computer that I had forgotten about. My time capsule whose time has come.


The heartbeat of death
The virus of civilization
The unchanging rhythm of decadence.

The ebb and flow of our civilization is based on the dying signal of an element, the atomic clock of artificial time. Can a whole world composed of a variety of elements be run by one elements' rhythm of decay? Do we need this constant order by which to live? It is believed that the only constant is change, however, we have generated another constant, the second. The second never changes it is always exactly the same. The construct of ordered time and the probability of change are now in direct conflict. We have a paradoxical situation, two constants, change and order, co-habitating in chaos. How do we relate, being rhythmical creatures with our own constructs to the paradox? Could this be the crux of our emotional, psychological and physical detriment? We are alive because of a catalytic change in the relationship of elemental factors in our bodies. If no change were allowed to occur, natural life could not happen as some thing other than the origin from whence it came would not be allowed to occur as it would be different, and order does not allow variety. By the very nature of order, there is no room for change. Where there is no change, there is order, and the constancy of order is death.

If constancy of change brings on life and the constancy of order is death then time, as we have constructed it, the decay of an element to be more exact, is measuring the constancy of order. Does this not mean that we are regulated by death? If this is how we gauge our existence in the time-space continuum, then are we not robbing ourselves the very essence of life? If this is indeed the situation, then we are surely destined to a linear hell from which there is no escape.

Perhaps, there is a need for one beat that binds us all to a common thread. If we all act accordingly to our own plans, anarchy, so to speak, then how are we ever going to work together? Correct, you say? Wrong. The very nature of our beingness is dependent on our ability to adapt to chaos. If we are not allowed to respond to the natural elemental changes in the time-space continuum we are causing our being to become stressed as it were, performing against the very nature of ourselves, the universe.

When you cross nature with the wont for change you will create an order by desire. Desire that will lead you to a perversion of the natural. Let's say you possibly persuade a male tiger at 10:00 am, Thursday in November to mate with another tiger? Do you really believe this tiger will do it? Will the female tiger be able to respond to the artificial demands that are being made on her body, even if you train her mind in a controlled experiment, her body will reject the idea of procreation until it has regulated all of its hormones properly for conception. The only thing to do is to regulate her body's ability to adapt by intervening artificially via drugs or some other barbaric process. If you were to control every aspect of their mating you might perhaps, get the end result of procreation but the tigers would no longer be tigers, only an artificially induced phenomenon.

Thank you for reading my mind.

It matters where you chop your vegetables!~

I noticed that if your kitchen isn't the place you'd like to be then your health will suffer. Try and make your kitchen the place to be by cleaning, painting or setting it up for music. Try and add a few hanging plants to really get the air fresh. If you don't want to use the stove because you want to go raw, place a large cutting board over it and hang a plant above! Make your kitchen a happy space. Put up funny pictures to make you laugh or change your kitchen into a fantasy from some faraway place like Egypt or Tasmania! In fact, you can do whatever you want. Don't stick with the same artwork day and day out. Host some kitchen parties and tell friends to bring something fun to your kitchen to make it exciting, even if you only like it for a month. Changing the atmosphere in your kitchen gets you excited for change in your life. Change is good for stamina, attitude and longevity. Go do it, you'll love it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

African Raw Recipes!!

I'm having such a great time reading traditional recipes and converting them to raw! It's so fun inventing new twists to old styles! I made the yummiest coconut pie ever by following a Monrovian Coconut Pie recipe native of West Africa. So goood. I'll post a picture soon. First, I have to connect my camera and unload one months worth of baby pics!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting motivated!

It has been a while since I last checked in..It was the end of 2008 and there was a lot going on. I found a way to motivate myself to write again after the long pause. Not only was I not writing, I wasn't eating that well. I was eating a lot fried food and getting cranky. I recently found the best way to create movement in my life. It only took moving the furniture!

I wanted to move to another house and find comfort there. I forgot why I moved to this house in the first place. I needed more space and this was great. What happened is that we stuffed it, every room has too much stuff and because of this the rooms are stuffy.

When you find yourself in a stuffy room you will become stuffed up. It was getting harder to write as the months progressed until I came to a stand still and had to force myself to write a paragraph which took more than a day. I was completely jammed. I stopped moving altogether which caused me to get depressed. I eventually came down with a stuffy cold and then realized, after looking around that I needed to get unstuffed!

It began with one room. We, Jerimiah and myself, sat in our room, looked around and decided now is the time. We are feeling like crap and need to get some movement happening or continue on this vicious cycle of here we go again..and then get sucked into TV and really end up as a wayside couch potato.

I'm talking about Feng Shui, it works! From the moment you walk into a room until you find yourself sitting down and then being a part of the space you should feel comfortable and uplifted. Nothing in the room should bring you down. In fact your surroundings should make you feel good. Why would you want to surround yourself with things that make you feel bad?

I immediately began stuffing bags with stuff to take to the local thrift store. It was time to release old patterns and start with a fresh palette. I didn't even have to paint! I ended up with two boxes of stuff from one room. We moved the furniture to flow with the windows, closet and door. It suddenly flowed! It felt good to be in the room. It became a place to sit, relax and play with the baby and write! Even the baby was happier. The next room is waiting for me tonight...stay tuned!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The blahs

The blahs can be good. The blahs are about swimming in your creative juices until you get inspired...I'm doing that now..I'm getting inspired to make some really good food..I'll be back, after the blahs.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yummy Christmas Crepes!!

Ok, I'm ready for this workshop. I love love love crepes and thought why not teach others how to love them too!!! Well, it doesn't take much to love a good crepe, but to make a good one...? I'm going to teach you (the 'you' that attend)how to make raw crepes using a dehydrator...this will happen through my SOLFUD meetup in December.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Super Duper Neopolitan Cheezecake!

I just wanted to add my new favorite cheezecake! I happen to have fresh strawberries, peaches and raw cacao for Halloween and decided to make this triple layered cheezecake for a catered birthday party. It was the best cheezecake ever!!!